Hello - I'm an illustrator and designer - with a penchant for the layman scientific and lexicography. Based across London, Shropshire and Welsh Borders. I often explore narratives surrounding science and mythology.  I graduated from Falmouth University with a First, and I'm currently doing a postgraduate MA Art & Science at Central St Martins, London. 


Barclays, Bompas & Parr, Simon & Schuster, House Of Illustration, At-Bristol Science Centre, Wild & Wolf, Radio Netherlands, JME (Jamie Oliver) , Leo Burnett, RSPB, Tommy's Baby Charity, Parkinson's UK, Ditto Press, Super/Collider. 


2017 - Bear Abouts Residency-  Multisensory Storytelling


3X3 Magazine Student Award


2016 - Oriel Davies Gallery - Imaginary Worlds

2016 - Micro Museum of Sleep - Citzen M Hotel | Bompas & Parr | Curated by Super Collider

2011 - Pencil Chit Chat - Collaboration with Jess Wilson. The District, Cambridge

2011 - Falmouth Illustration - The Retrospective, The Illustration Cupboard




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