Imperial Science Festival

I worked with Dr Susanne Raum to create materials for her stall at the Imperial Science Festival (ISF).  This project was to help support scientists from ICL in coming up with creative ways of engaging the public at tISF.  I got in touch with Dr Susanne Raum, because i was interested in her department and the callout for artists and designers, well, called out to me! Her intention for the stall at the ISGF was in exploring the importance and benefits of urban trees - alongside Dr Raum and other researchers from the Centre for Environmental Policy.

I also collaborated on the project with Priya Odedra. We had our initial meeting with Dr Raum at ICL earlier in March, where we came up with some ideas for activities.



Below are some images from the event held at Imperial College London on April 28th & 29th 2018. 

At the event, There was an interactive poster illustrated by myself, and a VR experience created by Priya. There were also stories about trees and a pledge tree, whee people could hang a leaf that they had written on. The stall was exceedingly busy all weekend!

Office For Good Measure. Research and inspiration.

My fictional office is set in the future and I am interested in the concept of looking back to look forward, also the weird idiosyncratic humour of the Scarfolk Council is a big influence on me.

Here is a moodboard of inspiring imagery and references and projects-from folk horror revival to the paganism of odd Britishness, which I think ties in with the subject of earth, dirt, soil and the UK's relationship with the natural world. 

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 22.53.21.png

Pseudo science, British weirdness. This can also be summed up in the cult classic BBC 2 series, Look Around You. The series was a satire to British educational programs of the 1970s and 1980s. Each epsiode, a different scientific topic was explored; including calcium, water, germs and iron. 




Project development- Booklets - make a mud pie, Do the soil dance.

I am working on a non fiction picturebook on the value of soil - and there are booklets that stem off the back off this book, which will be part of my installation for the degree show.

The first one I have been working on is "How to do the soil dance". The booklets are aimed at at adults because my degree installation will go onto the think about future values of soil- its is a speculative design piece of work- and think critically about the idea of publishing and communicating soil to young audiences.. It also will ask questions on the future of antibiotics; What if we become immune to the new developments and strains of antibiotics? I am very interested in the developmet of the human microbiome - with soil as an aid to improving our immune systems. 

My second booklet I am working on is called Make a Mud Pie. Which is potentially going to be animated for  the video/public information film (P.I.F) I will be making. (It will be a jerky/ retro future stop frame animation that parodies the 70s P.I.Fs). 


Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 20.31.01.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 20.30.21.png


One of the speakers at Biofabricate, Larry Weiss - Chief Medical Officer, AOBiome- discussed Microbiome: designing for health. 

He quoted something from Margaret Atwood,

In Spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.
Scan 1.tiff copy.jpg

I created this piece of work using a risograph machine. Here is what Hato Press (the press that I went to) have to say about the process, 

The Risograph is an environmentally friendly and cost effective printer, which uses soy-based inks to produce unique outcomes. Each stencil (master) is made from thermal sensitive paper and unlike offset printing it only takes a single print for the screen to be fully inked and ready to print thousands of copies. The Risograph is extremely energy efficient and generates a minimal amount of waste. All our stocked papers are recycled or FSC certified.
Image credit: Hato Press

Image credit: Hato Press

Ceramics Experimentation

As part of my illustrated materials for my degree show as part of the fictional government initiative, The Measured Energy Initiative, I am creating posters, a small animated film (public info film) and also illustrated bowl (with wizards and earthworms on the surface) -

The bowl is an artefact used in this fictional world that is used to help the soil grow better crops, for fortune telling and future shaping. I have asked for access to the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic archive (Boscastle, Cornwall)  to gain research into symbols, iconography and existing ritualistic objects and written material on this subject. The link is a search on objects pertaining to soil. 

I have also joined a beginners class in ceramics at Turning Earth E10 over December- Feb 2018, as as it was hard to access the ceramics at CSM to fully explore and understand the fundamentals of the craft, and to make mistakes, and to experiment more- to have space to have a go. 

Scan 4.tiff copy.jpg
Scan 5.tiff copy.jpg

Other potters and ceramicists that have inspired me....

Studio Arhoj

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 20.35.33.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 20.37.10.png
Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 20.38.15.png

Laura Carlin

Laura Bird