Forced Connections Field Trip

Day One

Objectives: To collaborate effectively with sound designer and musician, Duncan Burns, and use the material in the experimental work. 

Outcome: To make the images into bitmaps for screen printing (possibly risograph). To create an Audio Poster. 

We used a canon SLR to film the walk from the campsite to Tresaith beach. 

We photographed ferns, kittiwakes, other walkers, sea swimmers, a waterfall, rock pools (inc. minnows, seaweed) rocks, barnacles, boots, the sea’s tide.

Sound recordings of waves, waterfall, branches in the hedge- with Duncan’s help. 

Drawing seaweed. I came up with a concept of rock pool tables. 

Duncan videoed a waterfall, sea and waves and a bird. 

Day Two

Today's objective:

To record/video/photograph rainfall. 


I did some reading on psychogeography, “The lost Art Of Walking”.

I also read “The Culture Of the Copy” - which is another philosophical conceptual direction for this project. 

“Copying is peculiar..copying is pedestrian, but copying also makes us who we are”

“Anything unique is at risk of vanishing - we make a twin”

On copying out texts (scribes) . On modern day photocopying. 

After a great discussion with Duncan on the possibility of psychical computing. I am planning on ‘hacking’ children toys. I want to make some connections with a biologist, ecologist, and a science educator/curator/exhibition designer/ to explore and plan designing pieces for commercial museum spaces. I will visit the CAT centre, At-Bristol……..and others that use physical computing to engage children on science learning. 

if I were to do some of my own content research - Ithink that the book i referenced earlier “The culture of the copy” has another interesting conception how microscopes of the art didn't show you exactly what was real because of diffracted light. 

Even the well trained eye is in danger of projecting the mental preconception..and seeing.not who is really there but what some theory demands shall be”


I bought some conductive paint which I can experiment with next week. I have organised a physical computing session on Tuesday 18th October 2016. 


Evaluation: Collaboration was effective. I think a build on this would be to involve scientific expertise on ecology, marine biologist. Another build- work with another visual communicator (graphic designer) to do some really interesting layouts. large format posters,  a map layout etc. 

On my way home, I began to manipulate the images into Bitmaps, ready for printing. My next plan is to try some different. layouts.

Tresaith walk to Tresaith beach. 

(input notes from IBM notebook here and photos)