Book design course

As part of my professional practice and development, I have been at a Graphic design : experience Industry course at Chelsea College of Arts. 

The brief was to design and produce a publication housing the text Kew gardens, by Virginia Woolf. I worked on all stages of the process : ideas, design, illustration, editing, typesetting, layut, preparing images for print, exporting PDFs and printing. This project was a perfect brief in the relevance to my research on this course. 

I was happy with the general stylistic route I took. I found that i didn't finish typesetting quick enough, and I will use the letterpress resources in the new year to develop my skill, also different bookbinding options. 

For my project i will work with scientific and educational consultants on the content of the activity books. 

I visited the zine collection at the LCC library. There was a selection of self oubkishing with some interesting bindings. Some are below. 

Zine collection at LCC library. 

The book I designed- a preview of it is on the Blurb website.