Bear Abouts - Final Week.

This was the agenda 

On Thursday - meet at the School at 8.30am. You need to make your way to: Filton Avenue Primary school, Lockleaze Road, Bristol, BS7 9RP 

Olivia workshops will need 2-3 children age 5-7yrs

Each group will have roughly 15 min for the story (Liv I know yours might be more like 20mins which is fine) and then 10-15 min for photo’s using the story and some filmed questions about what the story was about. One of Becca’s students will do the film and ask questions and obviously you will each lead on your stories. The children will be given a small amount of info in advance mainly that they will be exploring a story using objects and tablets but please notes they won’t be given any specific info about your individual story so think about how you want to introduce this (or not) when they come into the room. The session at school will finish at 12 and then we need to do a bit of house keeping before we go to lunch at Harts bakery near temple meads. The house keeping basically involves giving back the devices (boxed with all cables) and passing on to Becca all the sensors that you've made for the stories. As well as this can you bring any sketch books or log books which you have used during your residency so we can document / photograph these, if they are digital can you email them over (I know some of you have done this already). We’ll head over to harts bakery near temple meads for lunch, and have a leisurely celebratory lunch and chat there about the event and residency, Becca is off to London on the 3pm trip to do a presentation of Bear Abouts so we’ll be rapped up by 2.45pm latest.