Public Information Posters

Mid century

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Pastiche, parody - postmodern posters. Scarfolk Council.

Development of name for fictional government department. 

Development of name for fictional government department. 

I'l be creating a fictional arm to a governmental body and a narrative for it. 


So far it's something like this:


In 2080 the soil is degraded. Top soil- there is less than 1% covering the planet. Synthetic soil is produced. Ants are making antibiotics from soils. 

The audience : Farmers, producers. Schools and teachers. 

The Office of Good Measure have to deal with prevalence of pseudo science and rituals being carried out to help with crop and increased yields. It feels a bit 1970s folk Horror. People believe in magic and ritual and quick science solutions.  The slow movement is still there but needs a boost. The OFGM or The Office of GM are communicators of pragmatic positive science. Dissemination of knowledge that will help farmers and producers in desperate soil times. They release pamphlets, posters, films, videos, statements, picturebooks are inspired by the work. Communicated to schools.