UAL Futures Week Four

Our event is live! Tell your pals.  

The Facebook and Eventbrite events for Critical Xmas Bizarre Bazaar are now live!



Critical Xmas Bizarre Bazaar 2030 Briefing

We know what we need deliver by 13 Dec. 5 critical christmas stories (episodes) created around 5 gifts for 5 kids living in 5 different cities in 2030!

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 09.31.18.png


Each ‘episode’s’ script should be created using the same simple framework. Episode names should reflect trends emerging from research.

Post-tech Research

We split into smaller groups and focussed discussion around 3 of our 6 post-tech themes. We’ve left three for now, to pick up next week. If you couldn’t make it on Weds, then get yourself into one or two of the following channels so we can spread out…


#inclusive-decentralisation  #alternative-internets  #embodied-data


For those that were there on Weds, stick any notes and links in your channel…


#conscious-automation  #mindful-devices   #post-human-realities

This week’s challenge | Episode Names + Research

At the end of the next session we will aim to at least deliver the episode names. And present the themes/trends emerging from our research. We’ve created a research template similar to the one we used last week. Hopefully we’ll go further than that and get into creating episode scripts.  

Studio Chat | Interrogating Technology

Daniel Caulfield (LCF) & Tobias Revell (LCC) joined us for a discussion and we talked about how we might re-invent technology with an optimistic perspective. A discussion that relates directly with one of our studio values: Optimistic Criticality. We were urged to look at unintended ways technology is used and shaped in ‘deviant’ ways by groups marginalised groups.

Next Week

We've got the GMD Studio Space (6h floor on the Tower Block, LCC) booked for the following 2 weeks from 1pm to 8pm. As discussed we can meet IRL next Wednesday. We will check-in at 1:30pm, then do some Studio work in groups and come back at 4:30pm for a status update and final check-out.


This doesn’t mean you can’t feed into work online if you can’t make it IRL. But you need to get into the research channels and check-in and join the discussion.  

It’s Nice That | #FindingCharlie

Details coming soon for an It’s Nice That studio visit!  It will be w/c 04 Dec will confirm when on Monday hopefully. Co-founder Will Hudson will be a mentor too, so he’ll be about on the 12 Dec before the event to feedback on our stories!