Bio Design Challenge. Week Four. Applications.

I am thinking of the applications and the future visions that QD could be applied. to I have just found some research on the use of welsh onion - the biosynthesis of infrared emitting quantum dots in a living plant via a mutual antagonistic reaction. The infrared side of the spectrum has application in telecommunications and solar powered tech. This Biodesign research is rooted in nano technology, and it's applications I am taking this research form the BioDesign challenge project and applying it to my other unit 2 work. i will usr this content to form the illustration i will be making (in time for the interim show) TO SHOW Speculative futures of how we will be using the toxic metal in the soil around old mining and industry and using them for making new nano technoolgy. Such as the welsh onion powered phone and the earthworm led screen /tv screen .laso solarpanels that are grown by plant such as the alpine pennycress. I think that these visions will be interesting spreads for a future speculatively designed science ebook for kids. Aimed at a young er audience - a picture book for kids aged 4-5 years.