Bear Abouts Residency - Multisensory storytelling. (Week One)

I applied for a place at a residency called Bear Abouts,  exploring multi-sensory storytelling for young people (age 5-7 years).

I was approached as my practice explores innovative and playful story development.

A platform has been developed by artist and designer Becca Rose, funded by Innovate UK, and . The platform combines paper pages and digital animations to tell interactive stories across physical and digital spaces. It encourages invention, creative play, and imaginative storytelling with iPads or tablets. 

The residency was held in Bristol over a succession of four sessions at the Pervasive Media Studio; with the last culminating in a session at a primary school in the city. 

The images below are of one of the first activities we did. It was an exquisite corpse story. The activity was there to warm our minds up, and get us thinking about short stories- and to get to know each other. 

The other to artists and storytellers in the project are Amy Rose and Emma Powell