Bear Abouts Week Three

Feedback - after my Skype meeting with Sarah. 

“Liv has a strong narrative with clear story board that could be developed and grown in several directions.

Liv has made several beautiful illustrations which are very textural and enticing and she is exploring the possibilities of sensors. The sensors are part of a geological back pack, we discussed what these could be; magnifying glass, torch, pick axe, pipette. We discussed how these sensors were enabling imaginative play specifically the pipette which may not have a sensory function but almost become experiential.

Liv is exploring sounds. She is unsure about how to tell the story whether this will be typography or sound.

Liv is interested in reaffirming the “book” “story” and is interested in creating a case for the iPad to be within.

Liv and I discussed how she has a very strong narrative and lots of good information and ideas she could add to this and she must feel free to focus on this as there isn’t enough time to give equal attention to each of the possible areas of interest e.g. experience.

Liv had a few bug reports / feedback comments that she will make on slack specifically about the need for a timeline.

Liv is looking to work with age 5-7 year olds”.



So this was a promising start. 

The interface. 

The interface. 

We are working with a platform built with Unity and working alongside a developer on the project. We are creating stories for this project, but at the same time ironing out any bugs that could be in the software. We are also there to see what the possibilities are for this kind of project.