My Professional Practice Diary

I have been approached by a company that fit really well with my research. They are called Hullabalu and their new software is called Lightwell. They are a company that have a new software that lets artists make interactive, animated apps without touching any code. 

It is avbout creating narrative-driven playful experiences. I will be able to create custom animations, interactions and dialogues before publishing your project directly to the app store - all within a Photoshop-style interface. 

I have had some simple ideas. The first being the development of the deep mines/caves stories. 


My main project idea for my practice is currently entitled Dictionary of the Deep. I aim to create an immersive. experience as well as a book experience. 


My three goals and My statement of intent that I have for my Unit 2 practice. (REFER TO MY NOTES) 


My focus is illustration, animation for an interactive picture book – I am interested in how young people interact with science books, and I am looking at this in a museum and public engagement context. How the science museum is a space of play and how can this play space be extended into the book, can or the parameters of a page be extended- can storytelling be extrapolated into physical space- is the function of the picture book a successful way of storytelling. I am writing my research paper on the meta book- the self-referential picture book that is aware of its functionality.  

The project I am working on is called the Dictionary of the Deep. It will be a projected book which works as a companion piece to a situated exhibit a (fictional one for the purposes of this course). Dictionary of the Deep will use two cameras and a laser light source projector to create a dynamic, animated experience that is both tactile and rich. A depth camera mounted above the book will track visitors’ hands and allow them to trigger animations simply by touching the page, bringing the book to life. Printed decorative designs on each page are also tracked, allowing the correct digital content to be projected on to the book’s pages whenever a visitor turns a page. 

Dictionary of the Deep will allow visitors to learn more about each deep Earth dwelling plant, creature, and habitat and the relationships between them. Additionally, the book dives deeper into how scientific systems work, the science behind the project and provides additional perspectives and tips for exploring the fictional museum. 

I learnt Ideation strategies and the 7 pillars of ideation at a recent Academic Support session – this are skills that I can use in my design practice.  

I believe that illustration and being an illustrator is evolving and I wish to be a part of this industry change. For it is becoming a more multidisciplinary career, whereby illustrators are collaborating with other people, such as scientists, rather than working in isolation. The need to know coding and UX design is seeming to be an ever-more important skill, and collaboration with minds in the visual communication field- such as people in the science communication world –as well as scientists from different disciplines is important to solve creative problems and integral to the industry.  

I am going to be producing animations – and thereby pushing my visual language to work across various digital platforms. I will use After Effects as a medium for bringing my illustrations and stories to life.