Ceramics Experimentation

As part of my illustrated materials for my degree show as part of the fictional government initiative, The Measured Energy Initiative, I am creating posters, a small animated film (public info film) and also illustrated bowl (with wizards and earthworms on the surface) -

The bowl is an artefact used in this fictional world that is used to help the soil grow better crops, for fortune telling and future shaping. I have asked for access to the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic archive (Boscastle, Cornwall)  to gain research into symbols, iconography and existing ritualistic objects and written material on this subject. The link is a search on objects pertaining to soil. 

I have also joined a beginners class in ceramics at Turning Earth E10 over December- Feb 2018, as as it was hard to access the ceramics at CSM to fully explore and understand the fundamentals of the craft, and to make mistakes, and to experiment more- to have space to have a go. 

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Other potters and ceramicists that have inspired me....

Studio Arhoj

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Laura Carlin

Laura Bird