Imperial Science Festival

I worked with Dr Susanne Raum to create materials for her stall at the Imperial Science Festival (ISF).  This project was to help support scientists from ICL in coming up with creative ways of engaging the public at tISF.  I got in touch with Dr Susanne Raum, because i was interested in her department and the callout for artists and designers, well, called out to me! Her intention for the stall at the ISGF was in exploring the importance and benefits of urban trees - alongside Dr Raum and other researchers from the Centre for Environmental Policy.

I also collaborated on the project with Priya Odedra. We had our initial meeting with Dr Raum at ICL earlier in March, where we came up with some ideas for activities.



Below are some images from the event held at Imperial College London on April 28th & 29th 2018. 

At the event, There was an interactive poster illustrated by myself, and a VR experience created by Priya. There were also stories about trees and a pledge tree, whee people could hang a leaf that they had written on. The stall was exceedingly busy all weekend!