Quantworm Mine

Quantworm Mine Identity Liv Bargman.jpg

Award winning project in the Biodesign Challenge 2017. 

Myself (MA Art and Science) and Nina Cutler (MA Material Futures) designed the QUANTWORM MINE, a nanotech wormery in the disused mines of South Wales.

The earthworms’ natural ability to bio-remediate contaminated soil of earthworms and bio-synthesise nanoparticles called quantum dots (QDs) from heavy metals will fuel the QD industry – predicted to be worth around $11b in 2026. Nurturing giant worms to take on this work will benefit the area cleaning up the pollution left by the coal industry and revitalising industry. Our work references the paper by Professor Mark Green of King’s College London.

Quantworm Mine Hybrid Worm Liv Bargman.jpg
Quantworm Mine Economy Liv Bargman

Cd (Cadmium) and Se (Selenium) merging into a compound, through the process called mutual antagonism. 

Part of the Quantworm mine story. The worm miner using the new worm miner tool called the Tickler, to extract quantum dots from an earthworm.

Quantum dot production in an earthworm. 

Part of the Quantworm mine story, How the inside of the mine works. The worm miner using their tools to extract the quantum dots from the earthworms.